The weather is a true motivator for relocating to the Sunshine State. No snow to shovel and plenty of beach days create the perfect lifestyle. Northeast Florida and the St. Augustine area provides a comfortable climate that refreshes the mind and body.

Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine, FloridaOf course, mention the state of Florida, and the potential for hurricanes is always a possibility. What do hurricanes mean for the St. Augustine area? The area is not hurricane-proof but it is has the lowest probability of a land-falling hurricane anywhere on the East Coast or the Gulf Coast of the United States. Northeast Florida’s unique geographic location as the westernmost city on the Eastern Seaboard plays a part in the formula of the recurvature effect. As storms curve north and east, they have a very high tendency to stay offshore.  Northeast Florida has historically been “protected” from a direct hit by a hurricane. In the past century, no hurricane Category 3 or higher has made landfall on the First Coast.