September 23 2017 Published by former Mayor George Gardner The Report is an independent publication serving our community Contributions are appreciated About Us Please Donate Bedtime Stories Series 1 Series 2 About Us Please Donate Bedtime Stories Series 1 Series 2 Flood Warning System possible St. Augustine is among six flood-prone regional areas under consideration for flood warning system projects. “During extreme high tides and other weather events, streets in low lying areas in the region are prone to flooding, presenting significant safety hazards for travelers and emergency vehicles,” the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) says. “Sensors in outfall pipes or key drainage structures can provide incident managers with information regarding high water that can be relayed to drivers and fleet operators to divert their trips or stop before they enter dangerous conditions.” Public Works Director Martha Graham says there are no current plans or funding for the system, described by TPO in its regional mobility study. Other at risk areas include Black Creek in Clay County, McCoys Creek, Jacksonville Beaches and San Marco in Duval County, and Fernandina Beach in Nassau County. History’s highlight Recovery- Hurricane of 1811

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